PPP Structure


The standard private operator model in the marketplace requires and guaranteed management fee, commissions based on gross revenues not profit, and requires the public partner to cover any and all operational losses on a yearly basis. Put quite simply, we don't think that's fair.

We created Sports Force Parks with the mission of creating sports complexes that drive profitability, maximize economic impact, increases local use opportunities and lower/eliminate public risk. All of our parks are set up with long-term management agreements that incentivize our upside through profitable operations, not through guaranteed management fees and backstop subsidies. By tying our upside to operational profitability we are required as a company to maximize programming and visitation, which in turn maximizes economic impact, development and local opportunity.

360 Degree Services
Sports Force Parks is the only company in the youth sports industry that provides a single-source, start-to-finish set of services to our partners. This process means that the goals of the partnership are aligned throughout the entire process while also ensuring that all of our parks deliver on expectations while being delivered on-time and on-budget. This process eliminates the risk of dropped balls or miscommunications that typically derail these types of projects, while also allowing our operations team to run a parallel path with our design/build team. This operational involvement guarantees that our parks are built for long-term success while also allowing our projects to move seamlessly into operations; meaning that our parks fill faster and start creating impact and local use opportunities quicker than any other parks in the country.

Operational Profitability
Let's be clear - it takes a lot of teams and a lot of events to reach profitability. A lot. This means our national and local staff are constantly striving to drive teams and drive events throughout the entire year; thus maximizing impact and development within our communities.

Reducing & Eliminating Risk
We want our communities to continue to grow and excel. This means they need to have the ability to confidently take on other project, which they cannot do if they are covering an unknown amount of money every year from the operations of a sports park. We strive to fix, reduce and eliminate subsidies through our operations because or partners are our partners, not our bank.

Local Use and Access
We don't just place a manager at your park. Sports Force Parks places a full-time, in-market staff and employs over 100 local residents at each of our parks. We are a piece of the fabric of all of our communities. We believe that our parks are only as successful if they are a part of the community, which means providing increased opportunities for local residents and an overall boost to the area's quality of life.


With the most successful and public-friendly operating model in the sports industry, Sports Force Parks is currently looking to expand our park network across the country. With a proven track record of developing many of the most successful and sought after facilities in the industry, we are looking for public partners who are looking to build new destination sports park or renovate/improve existing facilities. To learn more about the process of developing a Sports Force Parks facility in your community, contact us today!